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Diagnostics using a neural network

Diagnosis of diseases using a neural network

Diagnosis of diseases using a neural network
With the help of our neural network, we diagnose the status of the human immune system in such areas. More details about the development of software for diagnosing oncological diseases on our website.
Screening studies in oncology will be considered below:

Breast cancer:

Registered: 693 297 people

Died in a year: 22,099 people

Lethality: 3.0%

The problem of breast cancer is one of the most widespread in the world.

Skin cancer:

Registered: 531,982 people


Died in a year: 5,248 people


Lethality: up to 3.8%


Melanoma is not the most common, but the most dangerous type of skin cancer. A malignant tumor in this case grows and metastasizes at a tremendous speed, so it is worth paying attention to this problem in time.

Prostate cancer

Registered: 238,213 people

Died in a year: 12,566 people

Lethality: 5%

The fact is that many prostate tumors develop very slowly and may not cause acute problems for years, or even decades. But the treatment sometimes leads to unwanted side effects, including incontinence and male impotence.

Kidney cancer

Registered: 177,757 people
Died in a year: 8,388 people
Lethality: 5%
Nearly all cancers begin in the epithelium of the nephron tubules, the main cells of the kidneys. Unfortunately, at an early stage, the disease practically does not manifest itself. A tumor can only be detected on an ultrasound of the kidney or MRI. Therefore, we recommend doing examinations once a year on the recommendation of a doctor.

Thyroid cancer

Registered: 167,585 people


Died in a year: 1,117 people


Lethality: 0.6%

Screening for thyroid cancer is highly treatable. Sometimes it is discovered after the appearance of a bump on the throat (this is how the enlarged thyroid gland makes itself felt), sometimes when the patient complains of difficulty swallowing, breathing, or a hoarseness of voice.


Registered: 128,265 people


Died in a year: 4,936 people


Lethality: 5.3%

Lymphoma is any malignant process that begins in the human lymphatic system. The most commonly affected lymph nodes are small oval organs that cleanse the body of debris such as viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. The nodes are connected by vessels through which not blood flows, but lymph. It is a fluid containing white blood cells – lymphocytes.

Bladder cancer

Registered: 113 183 people


Died in a year: 6,095 people


Lethality: 4.5%

Blood in the urine is a typical and often the first symptom of bladder cancer. This occurs in 8 out of 10 cases of the disease, more often affecting men. We also recommend undergoing tests, including ultrasound.

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