Photoscanning of pathology using artificial intelligence
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Diagnostics of oncological diseases

Early diagnosis of cancer allows detecting the disease at an early stage and choosing an effective treatment. For these purposes, various types of research help, ranging from preventive scanning and ending with analyzes for specific tumor markers.

Undergoing preventive examinations is especially important for patients at risk:

– Working in hazardous production;

– Abuse of smoking, alcohol and other toxic substances;

– Having a hereditary predisposition;

– Living in ecologically unfavorable areas;

According to statistics, cancer detected at an early stage can be cured or stopped in most cases. This makes it possible to significantly reduce mortality from this group of pathologies, as well as to preserve the patients’ high quality of life.

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The main task of our technique is an accurate scanning of cells using a neural network.

Preventive scanning of the body is prescribed in the following cases:


– With the appearance of a general malaise;


– And also if it is not clear which organ is causing pain;


– In the presence of metastases, tumors.


– Diagnosis of the early stages of diseases that are asymptomatic.

We care about your health, so we strongly recommend that you undergo preventive diagnostics.